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Jason butler is on the new the ghost inside record :-))

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The Ghost Inside Album Is On The Way



The Ghost Inside's new album is on its way. The band recently discussed the new album and the lyrics behind it as well as what working with Jeremy McKinnon was like. Read the full interview here and a snippet below after the jump.

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I literally have the best friends in the world okay. My friend said she is buying my ticket to see ptv/beartooth because I am nice to her. So to anyone who says nice people finish last they dont because there are genuinely good people in the world who do nice things and I am just so happy I need to figure something hella cool to do for her now.

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ivegivenup-onyou: please don't take pictures of your legs in the bathtub like wtf? what's the point of that anyway

that doesn’t bother me as much as feet and toes. but still yes. booty pics tho are all okay keep posting booty pics.

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please do the entire Internet a favor and do not post pictures of your feet and/or toes just please.

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